i made the mistake of spending my fathers inheritance on a worthless education at MMI phoenix.

despite 100% attendance and 3.86 GPA a the school, any jo blo clown shoes can and will make more than you with NO education or experience in the industry, everyone has thier feet up and make more than you. i never have ridden a bike and i never will, im always starving and broke because ive been in debt after wasting all my money on that school.

*** MMI, *** HARLEY, THE RICH GET RICHER. HARD WORD AND EDUCATIUON WILL GET YOU NOWHERE!! dont go to mmi/uti. dont.the salesmen are liars and scammers, and the housing locators are even worse, they tried to set me up in the barrio, then i had to spend my first week in a hotel and find my own place.

i live in canada, this *** country doesnt even recognize my education!!!!!! *** mmi, *** harley, *** you, *** the world, *** canada, *** everything!!!!

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